#GWinaugural Challenge

Capture your Inauguration Day experience, share it with the world on social media, and win prizes.

The #GWinaugural Challenge is a competition for the GW community (prospective and current students, alumni, staff, faculty, and friends of the university) to capture and share their Inauguration Day experience on social media. Complete our 49 Inauguration Day tasks and compete with your friends to earn points and win prizes. The top five point-getters will win…

What You Win:

First Place:

13-inch MacBook Air (256GB)

Second Place:

iPad with Retina Display (16GB)

Third Place:

iPad mini (16GB)

Fourth Place:

Big Jambox Wireless Speaker

Fifth Place:

$150 GW Bookstore Gift Certificate

Register for the challenge between January 7 - 16. The first 100 people to register will be entered to win one of 20 Glove.ly touchscreen gloves

How You Earn Points:

Complete the tasks below on Inauguration Day (Monday, January 21, 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.) and add the #GWinaugural hashtag (and #GWU or #OnlyatGW when possible) to your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube and earn the points indicated. All Facebook tasks must include the GW Facebook Page tagged in your post. Follow @GWTweets to receive the GW Trivia Questions, updates throughout the day and more. Many tasks can be performed more than once for additional points. 

Gain 1 extra point for each photo or video task where you are wearing GW clothing.

1 Point

  • Tweet quotes from an inaugural speech with the #GWinaugural hashtag
  • Photo of a group in GW clothing (1 point per person in GW clothing)

2 Points

  • Tweet or Facebook update using Making History slogans 
  • Responses to GW Twitter & Facebook “Fill in the Blank” posts
  • Re-tweet foreign press covering the inauguration
  • Tweet favorite quote from previous Inauguration speeches 
  • Photo with family member(s) or friends visiting for Inauguration Day 
  • Photo getting ready for the Inaugural Ball or in your gown or tux/suit 
  • Photo of student entertainers at the Inaugural Ball
  • Find our 30-second spot on YouTube and tweet the link out

3 Points

  • Check-in at Inauguration, inauguration-related events, or D.C. monuments on Foursquare w/ tweet & #GWinaugural hashtag.
  • Photo with Inauguration story in newspaper from outside D.C. (2 bonus points for location outside U.S.)
  • Photo w/ someone in armed services (in uniform) at the Inauguration or Inaugural event
  • Post old photos from past swearing ins, parades, or inaugural balls 
  • Photo of your Inauguration watch party 
  • Panoramic photo of the National Mall 

5 Points

  • Tweet or FB post of an article or blog you wrote or were quoted in 
  • Re-tweet of a prominent GW alumnus commenting on the Inauguration
  • Share your story from past inaugurations or inaugural balls via link on Twitter or Facebook 
  • Photo at GW or official inaugural ball 
  • Photo of closest view of the inauguration 
  • Photo of the inaugural parade 
  • Photo of the President 
  • Photo of the first lady
  • Photo of the presidential motorcade 
  • Photo of yourself with a member of U.S. Congress
  • Photo in front of DC monuments, such as Washington, Lincoln, MLK 
  • Video clips of inaugural speeches 
  • Video of the inaugural parade 
  • Video reciting your favorite line from an inauguration speech 
  • Video saying “Welcome to GW” in another language

8 Points

  • Post a photo in front of monuments or landmarks in other countries 
  • Post the first correct answer to GW Trivia Questions posed during Inauguration Day by @GWTweets on Twitter and on the GW Facebook page.
  • GW-related Inauguration haiku (a twaiku on Twitter)

10 Points

  • Top 5 #OnlyatGW tweets with the most re-tweets. 
  • Re-tweets of a tweet with #GWU & #GWinaugural by anyone with 10,000 or more followers 
  • Re-tweet by a politician 
  • Photo of famous person sighting shared with #OnlyatGW hashtag
  • Video reciting George Washington’s inaugural address 
  • Short video (1-2 minutes) of your favorite #OnlyatGW moment

15 Points

  • Tweet or FB post of photo or video of you interviewed by a TV network 
  • Photo dressed as George at the Inauguration, Inaugural Ball or at a D.C. landmark
  • Video of a GW fight song performance

20 Points

  • Re-tweet of your tweet by one of these prominent GW alumni
  • Photo of yourself with a member of U.S. Congress on Inauguration Day
  • Tell us with a video about your past Inauguration Day experience at GW 
  • Video pitch on why President Obama should visit GW again tweeted at @WhiteHouse or posted on the White House Facebook page

30 Points

  • Video of yourself w/ member(s) of Congress on Inauguration Day

50 Points

  • Organize and capture video of a GW flash mob on University Yard after Inauguration

Download the Rules (PDF) to keep track of the #GWinaugural tasks on your mobile device.